Smart Home Technology: The 4 Best Ways to Upgrade Your Vacation Rental

Technology is involved with everything we do these days. From ordering a pizza delivery on your phone to video chatting with a friend to chilling out on the sofa and watching Netflix all night— technology is the means of making all of that happen.

As a vacation rental owner, technology should be at the forefront of your mind. As we mentioned in a previous post, there are many ways— from old school upgrades to professional photography— to attract guests and get them to book with you. But once your guests have arrived, you can impress them even more with some top-notch tech. Not only will adding these items to your home appeal to your guests and amp up your online reviews, but these tech gadgets will also make your life as a homeowner so much simpler. 

Tech Gadget #1— Smart Locks

Here at Eden Crest Vacation Rentals, we recommend smart lock technology for all of our homes. Smart locks make it super-easy for guests to access their homes. There’s no need to meet up with someone and acquire physical keys. The guest simply shows up, types in their key code, and their vacation can begin! Guests love keyless entry so much that it’s becoming the expected way of accessing a home— similar to how key cards replaced traditional keys in hotels.

Even better, the code can be changed remotely and at will, which improves the overall security of a home. Also, there are no more annoying “lost key” fees. Or worrying that a prior guest can return with a pilfered key and access the home. Investing in smart lock technology for your vacation rental home is a no- brainer. Contact the experts at Eden Crest to discuss brands, pricing, and installation procedures.

Tech Gadget #2— Smart Virtual Assistants

One in five homes in the US now uses a smart virtual assistant— like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Adding a super-cool voice-activated gadget like one of these will certainly impress your guests. In fact, when used properly, it can act like your guest’s very own personal concierge! Imagine your guests sitting in the kitchen, planning their day. They are thinking about going for a hike nearby. One of the guests says “Alexa, what hiking trails are close to me?” And she responds with the ideal trail, just a short walk away from their cabin. The gang heads out on their hike and has a great time. This is next-level customer service! 

“Alexa, what hiking trails are nearby?”

You can also easily program different information into your smart virtual assistant that guests can access with a few voice commands. Devices like these can also be used to review basic home safety information.

Tech Gadget #3— Smart Thermostats

The last thing you want is for your guests to arrive at your vacation rental and find the home is a chilly 66 degrees— or a sauna-like 85. That’s a bad first impression. Investing in a smart thermostat— that can be remotely controlled— will save you a ton on energy costs while keeping your guests happy and comfortable.

The best options on the market allow you to set basic parameters on the thermostat— like never let the temperature fall below 65 degrees. Or never let the AC be turned down past 68 degrees. This is helpful when guests leave doors open in the summertime and crank up the AC down to 60 degrees— causing the unit to freeze up and turn off altogether. Yikes! If the guest changes the temp to 60 a smart thermostat will automatically reset itself to your parameter. Smart thermostats are truly energy— and bank account— efficient.  The best-in-class models can save you up to 25% on your monthly bill.  

Tech Gadget #4— Tankless Water Heater

We know a water heater isn’t exactly what you think of when you think of a tech gadget. But adding a tankless hot water heater to your vacation rental can save you big bucks on energy costs. A tankless hot water heater also never runs out of hot water— no matter how many long showers your guests take. The hot water travels to the tap faster, which eliminates the need to run the water while waiting for it to “warm-up.” 

The small tankless water heater (about the size of a jumbo cereal box that hangs on the wall) also eliminates the need for those bulky, clunky water tanks— and frees up some extra storage space.

Adding smart gadgets to your vacation rental home means multiple benefits for you and your guests. As a homeowner, you’ll save time and energy by investing in a few strategic tech items. For your guests, you’ll add the feeling of luxury, convenience, and safety to their stay. That’s a win-win for everyone.

To talk more about vacation rental technology and how it can help your Smoky Mountain vacation rental home, give us a call or drop us a line. Eden Crest is the premier property management company in the Smoky Mountains. We’re here to help you make the most of your short term rental investment. 

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