You bought a vacation home and are graciously willing to share it with strangers. You want to maximize the potential revenue but where do you start? Now that you have decided to enter the property management business, you have to consider whether or not you have the time and energy available to spend on maintaining your property, cleaning, marketing, answering guest questions, and so forth. It is a full-time job managing a property.  Partnering with a management company is often the best choice for vacation rental homeowners. But who do you choose? There are hundreds of companies vying for your attention. There are some touting the benefits of their national size. They represent massive numbers of cabins, condos, chalets, and cottages with their call centers located outside of the Smoky Mountains. We believe going too big and outside the market is the wrong choice. In contrast, we are confident that our sophisticated, talented, local team is your absolute best choice.

Eden Crest Vacation Rentals is a full-service vacation rental company that has provided exceptional cabin rentals and service to the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee visitors since 2004. We are committed to serving the needs of our vacation homeowners and guests.  Building lifetime relationships, one person at a time, is the foundation of how we operate. We are vested in our cabin owner’s success and have a unique business model that is unlike any other in town. We take the fiduciary responsibility our partnering property owners entrust in us very seriously. We also use the most cutting-edge technology so that our service, quality, and marketing are always stellar.

Benefits to owning a vacation rental

The benefits of investing in income producing property are numerous. Here are just a few examples:

  • Income generated by a rental property can help offset the cost of a mortgage and other operational overhead, while the property still produces future revenue through appreciation and strong tax advantages.
  • In the Smoky Mountains region of east Tennessee, rental cabins have proven to be lucrative investments when pursued with careful planning and attention to the prevailing market.
  • Sevier County, Tennessee, is primarily a tourist economy and the mountain culture is heavily marketed, making vacation rental homes extremely popular.
  • A substantial segment of visitors prefers the advantages of a single home over multiple motel rooms, for essentially the same dollar.
  • The average nightly rate on an overnight rental cabin far exceeds the nightly average for a property on a long-term lease.
  • A cabin or chalet offers you the convenience of a vacation home away from home without incurring additional lodging costs on your part.
  • A rental cabin can be placed into a rental management program, sparing you the burden of providing your own staffing, management, bookkeeping, maintenance and marketing.

Small Boutique is the Key

The management of your property affects the income, maintenance, and long term rentability. The results you are looking for are directly tied to the sales and marketing team working for you, the maintenance personnel assembled to insure your property receives the best care, and the housekeeping staff enlisted to make sure a high standard of cleanliness is found. While we all know perfection is impossible, it is what we strive for daily.

We are committed to excellence for every property owner represented by Eden Crest. We understand how vital these components are to the continued success of your income property. Because we only represent a limited number of up-market vacation homes, every owner on the program receives personal attention. We have no desire to be the largest Property Management company in the Smoky Mountains, just the best.

Eden Crest Vacation Rentals is a full-service vacation rental company for not only our guests but for our owners as well. We treat each vacation home as if we personally owned them and were going to spend our vacation in them. We are vested in your success. Unlike other companies, we have an entire team working for you. Our team services include:

  • Maintenance
  • Housekeeping
  • Reservations
  • Marketing
  • Owner Liaison
  • IT


Before a cabin comes onto our management it must meet certain requirements. As such we feel it is important that the cabins we represent are maintained at their best. Preventative maintenance is a critically important element that we take very seriously. Our maintenance team provides the best care in preventative measures to try and limit the need for repairs by keeping your property in its best condition possible.

When problems do arise, we are quick to resolve them so that we can keep damages to a minimum. Communication with our owner partners is important to us all. If a major repair issue arises and costs are anticipated to exceed $150, we will contact you to discuss the available options, so that you can make the final decision on how you would like to proceed.  We handle minor issues on your behalf and document any charges on your monthly statement. For a low monthly maintenance fee many items are handled at no additional charges. Changing filters, basic bulbs, assisting guests with remotes are just a few of the many monthly services that we provide at no charge. By acting quickly, this enables us to avoid damages from becoming worse with delay and to also maintain our ability to provide exceptional customer service and maximize an owner’s rental income.


We provide unparalleled cleaning to all our cabins. Each cabin is cleaned by a team of cleaners and then revisited by inspectors before being released to a guest. Our reputation for cleaning and friendly service on internet review sites is exceptional.

Vacation Planners

“All our vacation planners are locals in the area”
Our reservation team is unlike any other in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. Our Vacation Planners understand the importance of customer service-related sales techniques. Their ability to convert calls into reservations is due to their personable and friendly rapport with guests that enables each guest to sincerely recognize that we care about them and their vacation. There is no greater sales and service team in all of East Tennessee!


Our marketing team understands the importance of spending wisely for the best return on investment. We invest serious money on marketing so that we can get the Eden Crest brand name and your cabin out to the public. We understand the importance of reviewing and changing our marketing efforts as needed. While other companies hope for the best we take serious steps to maintain a superior presence in the marketplace through strategic placement. We also have an actual marketing team with an in-house designer, a Web Master and Marketing Director.

“We aggressively market each property with listings on over 100 online channel partners, including all the large sites, Airbnb, VRBO / HomeAway(Premier Partner), TripAdvisor, Flip key, Red Awning, and Google Vacations. We also partner with a Channel partner that converts the Credit card points system to reservations.  We are also one of the small, selected groups in the Smoky Mountains that were approved to advertise our cabins on Marriot Hotels and Villas. This allows us to deliver exceptionally high-income numbers for our owners. 

We use the latest technology to manage our rates to ensure that the nightly rates are maximized.  Dynamic pricing works very much like airline fares. This compares your cabin with all other cabins in the same area with the same amenities on all sites, Airbnb, HomeAway, etc., and makes sure the rates are always optimized for the best ROI. Rates are increased and decreased every 30 minutes automatically as the demand fluctuates in the area.  As an owner, you are assured that each night is being monitored and optimized to deliver the best income for each property.

Information Technology

We understand the importance of maintaining a web presence that is functional and user-friendly. Our IT department works to maintain the management systems, server and internet links so that we are working at the best functionality possible. Our equipment and property management systems are the most highly recommended and effective in the industry.

We are a Team

Unlike other companies where there is one point of contact, we at Eden Crest embrace a team approach. Each owner is given not only an Owner Liaison but contact information for the entire management team. At all times a cabin owner can feel confident that they will be able to speak with someone who is capable of assisting them with their concerns or questions. We are partners with you. The following are just a few of the reasons you will benefit from partnering with us:

  • Superior customer service skills provided to all our valued guests
  • Stellar reputation with our numerous repeat visitors
  • Excellent working relationship with our current owners
  • Preventative maintenance program to insure each property is kept in superb condition
  • 24 hour / 7 days a week service offered to all our guests
  • Stellar cleaning standards that are strictly enforced for all properties
  • User friendly and easy to navigate website
  • Aggressive marketing programs
  • First rate rental histories – we would love to show them to you!
  • First class in-house Group Events Coordinator and Wedding Planner that have increased group sales revenue year over year

We are confident you will be completely satisfied when you make the decision to enlist Eden Crest Vacation Rentals to market and manage your vacation home. Give us a call today to discuss your property and investigate all that Eden Crest has to offer.

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