Maintenance and Housekeeping: The Unsung Heroes of Vacation Rental Success

The two areas that are sometimes overlooked with vacation rental management are also the two most important areas for guest satisfaction— cleanliness and preventative maintenance. 

We know— not very exciting, are they?

They don’t have the appeal or the visibility of our social media marketing, professional photography, or web site. But these two things— the overall cleanliness and the updated, on-going maintenance of your home— are the two workhorses that are going to generate stellar online reviews, encourage repeat bookings, and get you the vacation rental investment return you’re looking for. 

Vacation Rental Home Maintenance

Here at Eden Crest Vacation Rentals, we believe that all of the cabins we represent should be maintained at their very best. In fact, even before a home is brought into our management program, it must meet certain requirements. So on-going, regular, thorough preventative maintenance is important to keep our cabins in tip-top shape. These preventive measures help homeowners too— by limiting the need for repairs or down-time. Many items are handled by our Eden Crest maintenance team at no additional charge to you. 

On-going maintenance includes tasks like:

  • Changing HVAC filters regularly
  • Replacing burnt-out light bulbs
  • Repairing running toilets
  • Touching up paint scuffs
  • Adjusting interior doors and cabinet doors so they close smoothly
  • Assisting guests with television remotes (a very common occurrence!)
  • Repairing wobbly furniture legs

By being proactive, we help you avoid damages and costly repair fees. We also maintain our ability to provide exceptional customer service and maximize your rental income. Cha-ching!

Communication with our homeowners is the key to a successful maintenance program. When problems happen, our maintenance team responds with lightning-fast precision in order to minimize any damages. Any repairs that exceed $150 are communicated to the owner for final approval. We handle all minor repair issues on your behalf, so you don’t have to lift a finger. All maintenance fees are conveniently recorded in your homeowner’s monthly statement.

Vacation Rental Housekeeping

We provide unparalleled cleaning to all our cabins. Each cabin is polished to perfection by an entire team of experienced cleaners. After the cleaning crew has finished, an inspector also checks the home over before a guest sets foot through the door. There’s a reason why our online reputation for cleanliness and friendly service is exceptional!

A vacation rental cleaning goes above and beyond what you’d expect from a normal house cleaning. Our housekeeping team is ready to handle tasks like:

  • Thoroughly washing all bed linens and towels, inducing heavy blankets and comforters
  • Properly sanitizing all hard surfaces 
  • Making sure there are adequate quantities of toilet paper and cleaning products
  • Taking regular inventory and noticing right away if items are missing
  • Turning appliances, lights, and fans off and on to ensure they are working properly
  • Having a keen eye to spot any hidden damage

Updating Your Vacation Rental

We are always looking for new ways to bring more bookings to your home and increase your return. But one of the simplest ways to maximize your investment is often the most underrated and overlooked. 

What is this crucial factor that can help you get more bookings? 


Updating your home frequently is the key to achieving amazing reviews and happy, repeat guests. It’s particularly important after a busy high season. 

When a home has seen a lot of guests, it also sees a lot of wear and tear. And vacation rental guests are seeking the comfort of a home— with the cleanliness and vibe of a luxury hotel. It’s a tall order! We’ll do a thorough inventory of your home and make updating recommendations. 

Some areas and items to expect to update often include:


  • Freshen up shower curtains and liners. 
  • Re-caulk the tub and shower. 
  • Replace all bath towels, hand towels, and face cloths with fresh, fluffy new towels. 


  • Inspect mattresses and replace them, or rotate them, if needed. 
  • Replace all bedding with crisp new sheet sets. 
  • Replace all the pillows.

Living area:

  • Re-paint or re-stain scuffed furnishings. 
  • Have sofas and chairs professionally steam-cleaned.
  • Replace any stained or ripped lamp shades. 


  • Replace missing or broken dishware. 
  • Buy new kitchen towels and dish towels. 
  • Replace stained oven mitts. 
  • Inventory silverware and kitchen tools and replace them as needed. 
  • Check small appliances for noticeable wear and tear and buy new ones if they are looking worn or stained: toasters, blenders, coffee makers, etc.


  • Have carpets and large area rugs professionally steam-cleaned. 
  • Wash or replace any stained curtains or drapes. 
  • Update patio furniture if needed.

Maintenance and housekeeping are important factors for a well-run vacation rental home. To learn more about the Eden Crest property management program, contact us today.

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