How to Write a Property Description that Gets Booked

Here at Eden Crest Vacation Rentals, we pride ourselves on our top-notch online listings. Each of our properties is given our careful consideration and our undivided attention.

The photographs of our properties are important. We take beautiful photographs of all of our homes, from all angles, and in their best light. A lot of our guests will book their vacation home from online photographs alone! But to really stand out from the crowd and capture the booking, our property descriptions are written with the same care and attention to detail.

At Eden Crest, we know that your home’s photographs are what capture the initial attention online— but it’s the words we use that will close the deal and get the booking.

Your property description is what takes your listing from mediocre to major-player. We understand that your property description is more than a rundown of bedrooms and bathrooms— it’s a chance to connect with your guests on an emotional level and point out what makes your property shine.

Here are a few key points we think about when crafting the perfect online description for your property. 

We Write To Your Ideal Guest

Before we sit down to write a word, we consider who exactly your ideal guest is. Is it a family looking for fun and togetherness? A couple looking for a romantic weekend away? It’s important to have a vision of your future guest in mind while writing. That vision brings focus and clarity to the description.

We  Engage Their Senses

Travelers browsing through online home rentals can admire your photos— but they can’t smell the crisp mountain air, hear the wind whispering through the pine trees, or taste the fresh coffee and muffins from that great place in town. Sensory words allow people to connect on an emotional level with you and with your property. And that connection is what drives people to book.

We Name Your Home

We want your home to be unique, to stand out, and to entice your ideal guest to book with you. So naming a vacation home rental is important to establish a home that “sticks” in a potential guest’s mind.

Check out some of our more creative names— like Million Dollar View. A home that has a breathtaking view— and a name to match! We also use light-hearted humor when naming our homes— like Moose-Behaving— a vacation cabin for those with a mischievous spirit. There’s also the Mountain Shadow Lodge— a majestic home nestled in the shadow of the mountains.

We Leave Out Dull Words

Words like great, amazing, beautiful, or awesome are overused. They may sound nice, but they aren’t connecting. It’s hyperbole and your readers are going to glance over them. To connect, you need to be specific. For example, instead of mentioning the “amazing view,” we tell the reader that they can see the stunning sunset from their private balcony every evening. Or the shimmering lights of the village from their top floor deck. 

We Watch The Length

We keep your listing description to about 400-600 words maximum. Anything more than that is overkill and readers may start to drift. Anything less than 400 words is like having only 2 or 3 photos. A description that is too short or abrupt implies that something is being hidden. We want our readers to trust us and book with us.  We build that trust with honest, inviting, and entertaining property descriptions.

We Segment Your Listing

We break up your listing description into well-defined paragraphs.  First paragraph— living and dining areas. Then down the hall into the second paragraph— the master bedroom. The third paragraph is for the remaining bedrooms. The fourth paragraph is the outdoor space. And so on.

Each paragraph should be about two or three sentences long, with a double space break between each paragraph. Like this article. Breaking up your description this way makes it easier to digest and more likely that people will read it. Nobody likes to read a solid wall of text!

We Highlight The Neighborhood

Don’t forget about the area around your home. We share insider tips like delicious restaurants that are close by, convenient access to Dollywood, and nearby hiking trails. This is the part of your description where your home can really stand out from the crowd.

We Find Your Voice

Your home has a personality. You wouldn’t decorate your Smoky Mountain home the same way you would a beach cottage. Your listing should be tailored the same way. So we use adjectives that invoke fun and a sense of adventure. Potential guests are not only looking for a place to lay their heads. They are also looking for a vacation rental that matches their personal style and spirit.  

We Work With You

Your vacation rental home investment is important to you. It’s important to us, too. We pride ourselves on treating each of our homes as if they were our own. Our staff will work with you to compose the perfect name and property description for your home. One that reflects your home’s personality, draws potential guests in and gets them to push the Book Now button. 

Contact us today to learn more about our superb property management services. 

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