Valentine’s Day is the Perfect Opportunity for a Romantic Getaway!

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift for your significant other?  Need to make up for a lame gift last year or even worse repent for forgetting the holiday all together?   Are you a hopeless romantic who lives for this holiday of love or do you simply want to remind your better half that the spark is still alive?  Regardless of your situation or your affinity  (or lack thereof) of Valentine’s Day, make this one memorable by booking an Eden Crest cabin nestled in the heart of the Smoky Mountains of Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg.

The task of putting together a romantic getaway may seem overwhelming, but all you really need is the right resources.  To make this as simple as possible, just visit and view the special packages and deals for Valentine’s Day.  This easy feat will put all the logistical details into place and allow you to focus on the little romantic things that will earn you big time brownie points.  Consider the following:

  • Schedule an in-room massage
  • Heat up your evenings with the bedroom fireplaces
  • Sip some champagne and get cozy in the hot tub
  • Relax in a bedside Jacuzzi’s
  • Take in magnificent mountain views
  • Get steamy in the sauna

By choosing Eden Crest, you already have many romantic resources right at your fingertips; however, you will have to put some of your own personal touches into the event.  Start with some of these surefire romance starters or get creative and develop some of your own:

  • Roses do have their place on Valentine’s Day, but not as a standalone gift.  Pluck the petals off and sprinkle them throughout the cabin.
  • Every romantic movie features candlelight, so be sure to bring some candles to light up your evenings.
  • Surprises are great for building anticipation.  Make the arrangements, but don’t tell your other half.  Give them various hints and clues for the preceding week and watch as their excitement grows.
  • Set the tone by leaving the kids, cell phones and all things electronic behind.  Make it just about the two of you.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be cheesy or obligatory.  You can make it fun, exciting and memorable with just a little forethought and a simple phone call to Eden Crest.  What are you waiting for?