Should You Allow Pets in Your Vacation Rental

Tricky question. And one that every vacation rental homeowner needs to answer at some point in their rental journey. Here are a few things to consider when making this important decision.

According to industry data, 87% of travelers with pets say that they wished it were more convenient to travel with their animals. As a homeowner, you must consider the delicate balance of being as accommodating as possible to your guests— while protecting your home from property damage, loss, and possible noise complaints from neighbors. 

Unfortunately, there is no blanket solution for all homeowners— and this particular decision is a personal one. But the short term rental experts at Eden Crest have put together a list of pros and cons to help you make this decision easier for you. Here are some of the best arguments— pros and cons— for allowing pets in your vacation rental home (or not!).

Pro: You’ll stand out from the competition.

The overwhelming reason a pet owner will choose your rental over another is if they can bring their pet with them. And a major reason why pet owners choose a home rental over a hotel is for this option. Plus, renting a home means more room for the pet and the possibility of a yard or easier access to the outdoors.

Since most hotels prohibit pets, allowing pets to stay in your vacation rental will immediately make you stand out from the crowd.

Con: There is greater potential for damage.

Large dogs can scratch wood flooring or furniture. Cats can claw drapes and upholstery. Dogs of all shapes and sizes can chew on furniture. If a pet is not properly housetrained, then you’ll have staining and odor to deal with. Pets can ruin carpets and area rugs with a few small accidents.

Pets can also be territorial. This means a properly housetrained pet may behave differently in a new home with lingering smells from other past pets. Also, there’s fur— lots and lots of fluffy fur. 

Pro: You can earn more from a pet rental.

Whether you choose a refundable pet fee or a non-refundable pet fee, there is an opportunity to charge more for guests traveling with their pets. Most pet owners are understanding and ready to accept and additional cost for traveling with Fido or Fifi.

Some vacation rental homeowners even charge a flat pet fee, depending on the size or type of animal— similar to an extra person charge.

Con: Your costs may also increase, too.

Allowing pets into your vacation rental home also means being more vigilant and thorough in the cleaning process. This means paying additional fees to housekeepers, laundry staff,  and maintenance personnel to eliminate all pet fur and odor.

Check with your insurance company too— some companies charge a higher premium for dogs of a certain height, weight, or breed.

Pro: Pet owners, in general, are more responsible.

Most guests traveling with their pets understand the risks involved and are willing to pony up when needed to cover for their furry family members. Pet owners as a whole are also more considerate, responsible and accountable— three traits that make for fantastic short term rental guests.

You can also stipulate the size and type of animal you allow in the rental— say, dogs under 30 pounds— which will help maintain control.

Con: You may alienate some potential guests.

Guests that are not traveling with pets may turn away from a rental that advertises itself as pet-friendly. The reputation that a pet-friendly rental has in someone’s mind may not be a positive one— and may conjure up images of smelly rugs and cat fur clinging to everything.

Also, about 15% of the population is allergic to pet dander. 

Lots to Consider

When making the decision to allow, or not allow, pets in your vacation rental home— there is certainly a lot to consider.

Don’t worry— Eden Crest is here to help. With years of short term rental management experience, we know all the pros and cons of pet-friendly rentals and can guide you through this important decision with ease.

Contact one of our experts today for more info.

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