Pet Policies

Pets are allowed only in designated pet-friendly cabins, subject to our pet policy. Our pet policy applies if a pet is present in the cabin at any time during a reservation.  Charges will be assessed based on damages or for any deviation of policy, including extra cleaning charges (minimum charge $150).
Pets are only permitted in cabins specifically designated as pet-friendly. Pet Friendly cabins do not require a pet fee or pet deposit for the first pet. However, all pets must come to the office to insure that they meet our pet policy standards. If Eden Crest discovers or is informed that a pet has been staying at the cabin without having been brought to the office for check-in, the guest will be charged $100. All pets and pet crates must be brought by the office for assessment by Eden Crest.

1. No more than 2 dogs are allowed. If you are bringing 2 dogs you must register both dogs with us and pay a $50 non-refundable pet fee for the additional dog.
2. There is a 30 pound maximum size limit. (Larger crate-trained dogs will be considered only on a case-by-case basis)
3. No cats or any other animals.
4. The dog(s) must be inspected by our front desk personnel at check in to insure they comply with our weight limits.
5. The dog(s) must be crated in the cabin any time that the guest is not present. The guest must provide proof at check in that they have a pet crate to use while staying with us. If a crate is not available, they can rent one from us at a rental charge of $5.00 per night.
6. Guest must clean up after the pet when walking the dog on the cabin or resort grounds.
7. Dogs are not permitted in swimming pool areas.
8. We charge a $50 pet fee for a second dog. Management reserves the right to charge additional fees for approved larger dogs.
9. Guest assumes all responsibility for any damages caused by pets brought to this cabin.
10. In an effort to prevent additional charges being assessed due to a flea infestation caused by your pet vacationing with you we require that your pet be treated for fleas and groomed prior to your visit with us. Grooming should include an anti-shedding treatment. If your pet is not on a monthly flea prevention program then please have the pet treated before you arrive at check in with us.